The Federal Commissioner for Human Rights and Humanitarian Aid – expert and guardian of German human rights policy

Christoph Trässer Enlarge image (© Christoph Strässer © (Susie Knoll / Florian Jänicke))

Protecting human rights and promoting universal respect for them is a cornerstone of German foreign policy. There can be no long-term stability both within and among states without the respect for basic human rights. Germany, therefore, engages in making universal respect for human rights a reality.

This was the reason for the establishment in November 1998 of the Federal Commissioner for Human Rights Policy and Humanitarian Aid at the Federal Foreign Office. Since 29 January 2014 the post is held by Christoph Strässer.  His task is, inter alia, to follow political developments around the world relevant to or touching upon human rights and submitting proposals on how to shape German policy in that area. Also, the Commissioner  maintains close links with institutions active in the field of human rights or humanitarian aid.

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