55th Anniversary of Elysée Treaty

Élysée Treaty Enlarge image (© AA) FM Gabriel meets Emmanuel Macron Enlarge image (© Florian Gaertner/photothek.net Marienstr. 31 10117 Berlin www.photothek.net +49-(0)30-28097440)

It has been the foundation of the friendship with our western neighbor for 55 years: the Franco-German Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation, in short: the Elysée Treaty of January 22, 1963. The treaty brought about the fundamental reorganization of the Franco-German relations, regular consultations and much more. There is no other state with which #Germany maintains such a strongly institutionalized partnership. A little known fact is this: the delegation that traveled to Paris to President de Gaulle with Chancellor Adenauer forgot to bring the usual German paper for the contract. This is why the German version of the contract, too, is written on French paper. Moreover, a seal was specifically made for the Chancellor, who, as was usual at the time, sealed documents with his coat of arms.