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The 16 Länder

The Basic Law underlines the special role played by federalism and the Länder in the Federal Republic of Germany. The Länder are varied and distinctive in both organizational and cultural terms. The following is a brief introduction to the 16 Länder:

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Here you will find the latest news from Germany.

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The World of Media

Germany is one of the countries with the highest media density and the greatest press diversity in the world. Hundreds of daily newspapers, thousands of magazines and millions of active Internet users guarantee an exceptional diversity of opinion. The relationships between the individual “voices” of the different media are changing in the age of Web 2.0: whether print, television, radio, Internet, social media, books or film, the media future will be played in an orchestra.

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Facts about the German higher education system

Some 1.98 million students are currently studying at German institutions of higher education. Almost half of the them (48%) are women. A total of 376 higher education institutions offer study programm...


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Customs regulations

Here you can find information on export and import regulations by the Custom-Infocentre of the Federal Ministry of Finance.

Welcome to Germany

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Quick facts about Germany

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State System Democratic parliamentary federal democracy since 1949 Administration 16 federal states Capital City Berlin, about 3.4 million inhabitants National Flag Three horizontal stripes in black, ...

Poll: Germany retains positive image

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Germany’s image in the world remains positive. In a poll conducted annually in 24 countries, Germany has maintained its position as the country with the most positive influence in the world in 2014...

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