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The Ambassador

Ambassador His Excellency Dr. Ingo Karsten

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Political Affairs (Ambassador Joachim Baron von Marschall)

The political section is responsible for political relations between Germany and Cambodia. Both countries' contributions to international organisations, such as the United Nations, and their respective affiliation to regional associations, such as the EU and ASEAN, have a key role in this context. The section keeps Germany's federal government updated about Cambodia's domestic and foreign policy. The political section also represents the German government in Cambodia. 

Economic and Commercial Affairs (Ambassador Joachim Baron von Marschall)

The trade section follows the macro-economic development and economic policy of Cambodia. The trade section advises and supports German enterprises with business interests in Cambodia.


Development Cooperation (Dr. (Mrs.) Ludgera Klemp and Mrs. Birgit Strube)

The development assistance section is responsible for financial and technical co-operation with Cambodia. It co-ordinates the work of German agencies entrusted with the implementation of development projects (GIZ, KfW etc.), political foundations (KAS, FES, FNSt, HBS etc.) and other organisations (MHD, TDH, Church etc.) Moreover, the Embassy is running its own Small Projects Scheme.

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Consular Affairs (Mr. Lars Franzen)

The Consular and Legal Section provides visa services for those who would like to travel to Germany as well as a range of other services for German citizens.

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Culture and Education (Mrs. Daniela Dempf)

The cultural section co-ordinates German policy in the field of cultural and educational affairs. Additionally it is in charge of presenting that policy in Cambodia. To this effect, the section organises cultural events in order to introduce and present German culture in Cambodia.

In the context of intercultural dialogue the section also supports the preservation of national culture, the cooperation of universities and the award of scholarships as well as participation in studies focusing on Germany and exchange programs. Moreover, it is committed to development of sports for the handicapped in Cambodia.
The German Apsara Conservation Project GACP, under the direction of the Fachhochschule Köln and supported by the German Federal Foreign Office, has earned international recognition. In this framework an important contribution to the conservation of the Angkor Wat bas-reliefs has been achieved.

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Press Affairs (Ambassador Joachim Baron von Marschall)

The press section deals with public relations. Its goal is to promote Germany abroad, conveying a comprehensive and realistic image. To this end, press releases and newspaper supplements are published in Cambodian newspapers on special occasions. The press section is in contact with Cambodian journalists interested in Germany and supports the work of German media representatives in Cambodia. Its responsibilities also include the co-ordination of the Federal Press Office's visitors program for foreign press and media. The press section follows and evaluates developments in the Cambodian media landscape. The findings are reported to the German Foreign Ministry.
Further general information is available free of charge on request through the booklet "Facts about Germany", in German, English and French language and the weekly "Deutschlandmagazin" for those interested in German politics, economy and culture.

The Ambassador and the individual sections

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