Travel Health Insurance

Travellers must, amongst other requirements, submit proof of sufficient travel health insurance cover valid for all Schengen States and covering the duration of their intended stay. Travel health insurance cover must include medical emergency treatment and repatriation. The sum insured must be at least 30.000 Euro. The insurance company must have an office or an agency in the Schengen States, Switzerland or Liechtenstein.

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The aforementioned regulations are binding according to Art. 15 Visakodex.

The insurance policy has to be submitted to the Embassy together with applcation for a Schengen visa and has to be presented at the request of the border police at the port of entry into the Schengen States. Travellers have the option to take out local travel health insurance cover through Asia Insurance, CAMINCO, Infinity or Forte Insurance (Cambodia) Plc. or through their hosts in the Schengen States.

The following groups of visa applicants are exempt from the travel health insurance requirement:

Spouses and dependent family members of EU or EEA* nationals, holders of diplomatic passports, airport transit visa applicants.

*EWR/EEA-countries: Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein

May 2011

Travel Health Insurance


Reisekrankenversicherungsschutz/ Travel Health Insurance


Für einen Kurzaufenthalt in den Schengener Staaten müssen Reisende vor Visumerteilung unter anderem nachweisen, dass sie über einen ausreichenden Reisekrankenversicherungsschutz für die gesamte Dauer der Reise verfügen.