Learning German

The performance of German culture including the promotion of the German language in Cambodia is one of the main emphasis of German cultural policy in Cambodia.

Learn German in Cambodia

The German Center at Meta House, together with the Goethe Institut, offers professional German language classes in Phnom Penh.

Why learn German?

If you can speak German, you can

  •  read works by the great authors of the last centuries such as Goethe, Schiller and Brecht in the original;

  • include something on your CV that will catch the eye of prospective employers;
  •  study free of charge at a university in Germany, Austria or Switzerland;
  •  visit the Berlinale, go to Munich for the Oktoberfest or join in Karneval in Cologne;
  •  read the latest academic publications (German is the second most popular language in academic publications, and 28% of all books published worldwide are written in German);
  •  apply for jobs on the international stage. German is one of the official languages of the European Union and is also used in many other international organizations.

Learning German

Menschen mit Deutschwörterbüchern

Game Show for German Learners – Two Teams, One Goal: Berlin!

Spielshow für Deutschlehrer

Starting Thursday, September 5, Deutsche Welle (DW) and the Goethe-Institut will send six German learners from around the world on a special journey through Germany with unique challenges. Their goal: a ticket to Berlin.