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Signing MoU Meta House

Intensifying Cambodian-German Cultural Exchange

On 28 August 2015 a memorandum of understanding was signed between the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts, represented by H.E. Secretary of State, Samraing Kamsan, and Kambodschnisch-Deutsche-Kulturgesellschaft eV. (KDKG e.V. = Cambodian-Germany Cultural Association), represented by its chairman, Mr Nico Mesterharm.

The project agreement aims at broadening the existing cooperation between Cambodia and Germany. KDKG e.V. comprises the activities carried out by META-House, Art+Foundation and German Classes Phnom Penh which all have already enabled cultural exchange for many years. Many of the projects carried out by this organization are co-funded by the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany through Goethe Institute or the German Embassy.

The new MoU complements an agreement signed between KDKG e.V. with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports in 2014 which has already entailed a cooperation agreement between the Royal University of Cambodia and Rhein-Waal-University in Germany.

Government negotiation 2015

Government negotiations between Germany and Cambodia on development cooperation successfully finished

On 2 December 2015 the Head of the Cambodian Delegation H.E. Chhieng Yanara, Minister attached to the Prime Minister and Secretary General of the Cambodian Rehabilitation and Development Board (CRDB) ...

Exploring the Garment Industry in Cambodia: Visit of German Secretary of State, Mr Jörg Asmussen

Visit of State Secretary Jörg Asmussen Enlarge image (© BMAS) Secretary of State of the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Mr Jörg Asmussen and his delegation visited Phnom Penh on 9 and 10 September 2015. The delegation had come to get first-hand information about the regulatory environment and working conditions in the garment sector in Cambodia. Meetings took place with representatives from government, civil society, employers’ associations, trade unions, the opposition and ILO. A visit to a garment factory was also part of the programme.

Germany has launched an initiative to improve labour and social standards along the international supply chains of the garment industry at the G7 summit in Elmau/Germany earlier this year.

Customers in Germany and other European countries are more and more interested in the working conditions of those who produce their fashion and are willing to pay the respective fair prices.

Meeting with the Cambodian Prime Minister

Visit of the German Federal Parliament’s ASEAN Group in Cambodia

A 7-member all party delegation from the German Federal Parliament’s ASEAN Group visited Cambodia from 8th to 12th July 2015 as part of its fact-finding tour of South East Asia. The delegation, led by...

Residence Concert on 20.10.2015 - 1

House Concert

The Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany and his wife hosted a concert at their residence on 20 October 2015. The audience comprised members of the Diplomatic Corps and alumnis from various G...

25th day of German Unity

25th Day of German Unity Celebrations in Phnom Penh

On the occasion of the 25th Day of German Unity, the Ambassador for the Federal Republic of Germany, Baron Joachim von Marschall together with his wife, Mrs. Catrione Garrett, and the staff of the Ger...

Visit at Puthisastra Uni 1

Visit of the German Ambassador at Puthisastra University

At the invitation of Puthisastra University, Phnom Penh, the German Ambassador, H.E. Joachim Baron von Marschall, had the opportunity to learn  about the development of the University since 2007 and t...

Speech by German Ambassador - Inauguration of the memorial stupa

Speech by H.E. Joachim Baron von Marschall, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany, on the occasion of the Inauguration Ceremony of the Memorial Stupa for the Victims of the Khmer Rouge regime ...

Cyclists passing the German Embassy during the EU-week “Cycling for the Climate” tour on 10 May

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