German Ambassador Dr. Moser visits Khmer Rouge Tribunal

Enlarge image Dr. Moser meet with members of the Victims Support Section which represents the victims of the Khmer Rouge regime who will take part in the trial against top Khmer Rouge officials as Civil Parties. In the latest Case 002, four Khmer Rouge leaders are tried, among other charges, for crimes against humanity, genocide and war crimes. The accused are Nuon Chea, Brother No 2; Ieng Thirith, Minister of Social Affairs and Action; Ieng Sary, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs and Khieu Samphan, Head of State of Democratic Kampuchea.

For many victims of human rights violations that took place during Pol Pot's regime, being a civil party to the trial is a unique chance for justice. Almost 4000 victims have registered with the Victims Support Section to be part of the proceedings. Germany is supporting the Victims Support Section to master these legal and administrative challenges by financial means and the secondment of experts.

After meeting the Victims Support Section, Ambassador Dr. Moser visited the detention unit of the Court where the accused await their trial. He also meet with the Office of Administration, HE Kranh Tony and Mr Knut Rosandhaug.